About Lee-Ann

I started writing in 2003, after watching a program on the Oprah Winfrey show - about "Finding Your True Passion." After months of sole searching, I finally discovered that I had a talent for writing. So off I went, spending every spare moment I could and dedicating my time to finishing my short novel. I completed my Children's books, "Little Hacker & the Aliens" and self-published in 2004. While writing the book, I realized that I also had a passion for writing songs too, so I dabbled and played with the rhythms and rhyming and found it very exciting to create poem style songs. I decided, if I'm going to write songs, then they must have a message and actually mean something. When I finished my 1st song, "But I know One Thing For Sure" I was very excited and couldn't wait to hear what the end result would sound like, so I sot out Paramount Group in Nashville, TN and the rest is history. I'm a lyricist, not a singer song writer, so Paramount Group was a perfect fit for me. They are superb to work with and I find them professional and supportive. I send them my lyrics and they hunt for the right singer to sing my songs, that's when my lyrics comes alive!

I'm hoping some day to retire from sales and write full-time. I want to work on my true passion on a daily bases, not just in my spare time. My ultimate goal is to wake up every day and create new songs for superstar artists, and hopefully hear one or more of my songs on the radio some day. That would be awesome!!! I'm an ordinary girl, with extraordinary goals! So…don't try to stop a girl from dreaming. Lol